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BTGMX012   Butter BTGMX012   Butter

Our next mix is late, eight months late to be exact. Since then, Butter invited me to play at his final party in Brazil – which was probably one of the best parties I’ve ever been to or played at in my whole life – and relocated from Brazil to Australia. He is planning to keep doing his thing over there and I’m sure his parties will be some of the best in the country. This mix is sick, hope you enjoy. Sorry for the delay, Brian!

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Download – Butter – BTGMX012

Hi, could you please introduce yourself?
My name, Brian Thomas. My nickname Butter has become an alias for me as a DJ and for music and design productions.

Describe the idea behind your mix.
I wanted something that would remain true to my taste and survive throughout the waves of my preference. And connecting bits from different genres seemed more than appropriate.

Where does dirtyblackdisco stop and The Mixtape Club begin?
The Mixtape Club is my project for the people. I operate as the curator but in reality it means nothing more than inviting others who I think will do something authentic and tasteful. It is hard to tune out my own personal preferences altogether and avoid an overarching vibe. Maybe impossible. But there are no dictated themes, rules, or prerequisites. As long as the selection is honest and offers something to be discovered I’m happy. dirtyblackdisco is where I do my own thing. Born after The Mixtape Club as an absolutely personal project with a particular selection based on what I play as a DJ. Or what I like to play. There wasn’t a grand plan. The entire thing, from the name and idea to the domain purchase and launch of the site (blog) happened on the same day (20 April, go figure). As years have passed, its become the brand to host my house, disco and so on endeavors. Mixtapes. Parties. 12-inches if they don’t die by the time I get there.

How does Rio compare to NYC?
Rio has a special place in my heart. In the beginning, as a tourist, it was the place that exposed me to all kinds of things. The music, women and nature are all amazing but it was the lifestyle that really hooked me. Today, currently as a resident, it has offered some musical opportunities that I considered nearly unobtainable in NYC. The acceptance to dance music and me being foreign in Rio are probably due some credit. I’m playing records more than ever and developed my dirtyblackdisco brand a bit with two brasilian episodes. I have yet to complete my first year here. Musically, there is valid complaint in NYC for it being such a large city and quite behind in terms of dance music. But since it is N. America it remains on the map for artists, djs, producers, agents. It takes a lot more for the gems in the northern hemisphere to make it down this way, leaving Brasil a bit behind.

Describe your most recent partnership with Polanski. Do you see future partnerships?
Polanski is the beautiful product of my man Irwin Tobias Matutina in NYC. I invited Irwin to art direct the most recent dirtybalckdisco party in September, which also helped us launch the magazine here. He went nuts doing a bunch of dope shit and I made a limited collection of shirts of some of the artwork. I’m sure future visual partnerships will happen with dirtyblackdisco, but the intent is to keep it fresh. The Polanski thing was a special, one-off thing. For now.

How does graphic design relate to your daily life?
I studied design and it was my career in New York. Music was the hobby. I’m trying to turn that around. I still enjoy design and infinitely more when a client isn’t involved.

Any plans for Rio? What do you have up your sleeve?
Keep dirtyblackdisco going. Maybe some non-virtual things for The Mixtape Club. Don’t know how long I’ll be here so I’m doing my best to give something back while it lasts. Rio has given me me oh so much. Obrigado meu Rio, cidade maravilhosa.

Track list.

Vakula – Still Time
R Tyme – Use Me (MK remix)
Alfabet – Hell of Samba
Vieux Farka Tourè – Sangare (DJ Center remix)
Lilacs & Champagne – Babbling Brooke
24-Carat Black – I Want To Make Up
Wildcookie – Come Closer
The Pharcyde – Devil Music
Moodymann – Misled
EP2 – Dance (Kerri Chandler’s Centro Fly mix)
The Nathaniel X Project – The Nathaniel X-Tract
A Tribe Called Quest – Lyrics To Go (remix)
Taylor McFerrin – Georgia
Bobby Hutcherson – NTU
Crazy Bald Heads – First Born

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