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BTGMX011   Kidkanevil  BTGMX011   Kidkanevil

I’ve known Kidkanevil longer than most people I’ve met in London since I moved here five years ago. He used to live up in Leeds, which is where I first met him – probably at a  New Bohemia show. He was doing his thing back then and is still doing it now. It is cool to know that this quiet and laid back dude makes such hype beats.

This installment has been a long time in the making and it is one of our most focused efforts yet – it is strictly Kan Kick production and all vinyl. Kid K bought extra records and even managed to get an exclusive beat from Kan Kick so this is pretty damn special. See below if you want to find out more about Kidkanevil and the mix he’s been so kind to hook us up with.

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Download: Kidkanevil – BTGMX011

Please introduce yourself.

My name is kidkanevil. I DJ and make beats and lazer sounds.

Describe Tokyorkshire.

It’s a bit like rainbow road meets Ran. And you don’t have to do tax returns there or any boring shit like that.

Why a Kankick mix? We’re excited.

Cool, me too! I’ve been a huge KanKick fan since I first started DJing and collecting records. For a period when I was a teenager I’d listen to nothing but Jay Dee, Madlib and KanKick. He’s kind of slept on compared to those two and it’s a shame, I don’t know why, he’s dope as fuck. I’ve been meaning to do a KanKick tribute mix for a minute so this seemed like a good opportunity. In the end I decided to do a strictly all vinyl mix, it just felt appropriate to the tradition of his music. Also he has so many dope beats I needed to narrow it down a bit! I’m actually missing one extremely rare vinyl, a co-production with Madlib that I believe is actually both their first ever release. One day I’ll get my hands on it and I’ll do a part 2 mix! I was actually lucky enough to get the blessing of the man himself too. He did some drops for the mix and also gave me a super dope exclusive unreleased beat, which I tagged on the end as a bonus track. So yeah, my kankick tribute mix! One for the heads, hope you enjoy!

 What have you been up to lately?

I’ve just finished a collaborative album with my good friend and super dope producer Daisuke Tanabe called kidsuke, so hopefully that’ll be out soonish. I’ve just started co-producing the new Stateless album for Ninja Tune, also got a few beats on the forthcoming Foreign Beggars album. And then I’ve just been doing various remixes and gigs and all that.

Would you say your sound has changed in the past few years?

Yeah, I’d say so. I started on much more of a sample based hiphop vibe, that’s my musical root, I grew up on that shit. That was my initial training ground. Doing this KanKick mix has actually been an interesting look back at that starting point for me. But I think over the years my style has grown and developed into something else, though its still pretty much hiphop in my mind. I guess its more electronic and shit now I dunno. I try to be honest with myself and just make whatever I feel, so that naturally evolves over time, it’s a journey. Sometimes that can be embarrassing when I look back at certain beats though haha, but that’s all part of the process of trying to get better at the craft and find my own sound. But yeah – I’m into progressive music, so I hope my sound has progressed.

Any graphic designers or photographers we should know about?

I really like the Syndicate fam in Singapore, they do dope design, music, club nights, videos, the whole thing. Super dope crew.

Any shoutouts?

I’d just like to say thank you so much to KanKick aka Kanzulu for giving this mix his blessing, and for giving me an ill exclusive beat, as well as continuing to inspire with his beautiful, personal and spiritual music. Salute!

Tracklist after the jump

aka Kidkanevil’s Officially Good All Vinyl Kankick tribute Mix (Hoseted by Kanzulu)

Say (Acid Massive Musical Pt 1)
Kanstrumentill (Seeing Spirits 10″)
Roots, Trees, Leaves, Flowers, Plants (Rummage To Royalty)
Space Prelude (Cal I Foreigner EP)
Fresh Produce #1 (Incisions 12″)
Confusing Art ft Krime One (Ssence EP)
Inspace In Love (Seeing Spirits 10″)
The Finer Things feat Dr. Oop (From Artz Unknown)
Just Methods Kanstrumental (From Arts Unknown reissue)
Westwinds Of Truism (For Otis) (Beautiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh Vol 2)
Be True (Acid Massive Musical Pt 2)
On The Lookout Kanstrumental (KanKick Music 12″)
Take Another (Blunted Conversation) ft Oh No (The Disrupt)
S.I.P. (Suckas Is Paranoid) (Seeing Spirits 10″)
Do It Kan interlude (Government 12″)
Take My Hand (Beautiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh Vol 2)
Mass Supreme (A.F.R.O Air Freely Rare Origins 7″)
Black Supremacy Kanstrumental (Yes, Yes Suite 3 7″)
Kanstructivist (Madmen On Arrival EP)
Thankful feat Declaime & Kazi (Andsoitisaid)
O.X. Bredren (Cal I Foreigner EP)
Worn Master Tapes (Acid Massive Musical Pt 2)
Holla remix feat Ghostface Killah (Untamed Chambers)
Pop Tunes, Morining Paper (Beautiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh Vol 1)
Nighttime Beauty (Beautiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh Vol 1)
Microphone Moonlight Stroll (Government 12″)
Pain, Rain: Misery (Malibu Herbsman 10″)
Do That Dance feat Declaime & Medaphoar (Superrappin Vol 2)
The Apocalypse Kanstrumental (The Apocalypse 12″)
Pop Off feat Roc C (All Questions Answered)
Fall Back Kanstrumental (Relax Relate Release Da Instrumentals)
Kiye’s Groove (Puzzles)
Exclaim The Name Kanstrumental (Exclaim The Name 12″)
Sex Rhyme Kanstrumental (Madmen On Arrival EP)
Never Ending Kanstrumental (Never Ending 12″)
Kanzulu Beat (Oxidentalism EP)


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