BTG023 – Sun

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BTG023   Sun BTG023   Sun

BTG023   Sun BTG023   Sun

BTG023   Sun BTG023   Sun

After selling out our first shirt we thought it would be nice to make a piece of clothing that was season specific, and true to our nature we got it all sorted a little bit late. That said, we are really happy with the outcome and feel its been worth the wait.

The vest (or tank) design is a collaboration between Ross Gunter and Rauri Rochford. Ross drew a sun and Rauri wrote a Flash script to fill it will 1000′s of tiny intricate circles. Inspiration came from us being booked this summer for Stop Making Sense Festival in Croatia. The eagle-eyed of you may notice the similarity to the poster.

Once again, this is a limited run (40) and we don’t do reprints.

Pick yours up from the shop.

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