BTG022 ft. Kutmah & Mr Lager

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BTG022 ft. Kutmah & Mr Lager BTG022 ft. Kutmah & Mr Lager

We’re off to Croatia on Aug 11th for Stop Making Sense festival. Before that, we have a big lineup consisting of Brainfeeder fam (Kutmah) and the man behind many Various Production releases (Mr Lager).

Kutmah has been tearing shit up since he arrived from LA just about a year ago. Lager has been in the shadows for Various for a long while and recently finished a remix for DJ Shadow. Count Choc has been reading short stories by Khalil Gibran and only recently heard Octavia Butler was worth checking out.

Kutmah / Mr Lager / Count Choc /

The Alibi
91 Kingsland High Street
London E8 2PB

Free Entry
Friday 5th August

Buses: 67, 76, 242, 243, 149
Overground: Dalston Junction, Dalston Kingsland

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  1. Ross

    Sweet poster! Inspired by Angus Hyland’s?

  2. Ross

    Cheers! Hadn’t seen Angus’s actually — really nice little series. This is just a quick fly-poster we do for the nights. Usually its large typo and the line-up. However, I got board with that this month so constructed a sentence instead.

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