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DaAutopsy   Youtube Digging DaAutopsy   Youtube Digging

For those of you that are not aware, DaAutopsy is DJ Haus is Hot City is Unknown To The Unknown. He makes club music of several varieties and if that isn’t enough, he has a very good sense of humour. He’s playing at fabric on April 22nd (as Hot City) along with L-Vis 1990, Cooly G, Braiden and Lil Silva – get your tickets here. He has his very own youtube channel (as DaAutopsy) that is full of heat.

Here is the story behind his youtube channel: “I used to listen to all my tunes at work streamed from my myspace,” Haus tells us jovially; “but since no one has logged in to myspace for a year or so I now find myself on YouTube all the time. I listen to it on my phone and on the train everyday so I decided to set up a channel to post tunes from my record collection that I was surprised to see weren’t already online. This has led me to post up some of my mates’ tracks and then other people started donating tunes for me to post so it’s taken off from there really…”

Peep the stream he made for fabric here. Its on some next shit!

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