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Frank Ocean   Lovecrimes Frank Ocean   Lovecrimes

23 year old singer/songwriter/producer Frank Ocean from New Orleans in the vibrant southern state of Louisiana, has already penned tracks for John Legend and Brandy.  A collaboration with Beyonce has been confirmed as well as a contract with Def Jam Records. All at the age of 23!

The Def Jam affiliation was short lived, Ocean describing it as a ‘failing company’ before ruminating on what he was going to eat to satisfy his rumbling belly, ‘now back to my day, i want some oatmeal and toast. Brunch Swag.’ As a result Ocean put out the follow up to ‘Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’ entirely under his own steam as a free download via his tumblr.

‘Nostalgia, Ultra.’ is an album of hedonistic delight, with passionate, sometimes coarse lyrics, throbbing beats and vocal parts floating with melodious ease and insidious intent. The album, in effect, is the antithesis of his twitter rant. Angry, upset, passionate, supercilious, self-assured and extremely confident. The production shows a man relaxed, in control and accutely aware of the effect he’s attempting to evoke in his audience, the sudden reduction in tempo to cue an increase in volume of the vocal track from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ provides a key example of his production techniques. Everything is measured; nothing is subtle.

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