Seiji – Interview

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Seiji – Interview Seiji – Interview

Hi Seiji, can you introduce yourself?

Im Seiji, I make electronic music. Ive been around a while and Im still enjoying it!

Your 3rd release is coming out soon on your label, Seijimusic. What made you want to start it? Have you found it difficult?

Originally I didn’t even want to start a ‘label’, i just wanted to get my own music out there quickly as soon as I make it, without waiting for anyone else’s schedule, because that feels right to me for club tracks, which is what the seiji series is aimed at. Everything has gone great, but getting vinyl done is as much of a headache as it ever was.

That collab with Roisin Murphy was wicked. Are you working on any collaborations at the moment?

Thanks… Im going back in the studio with Roisin , but i’m also planning to do a lot of collaboration this year… im interested in where live electronic music is going at the moment, and I’d like to try something different from solo computer nerding.

I read that you were working on a live show a while ago. Any developments?

Ive been getting to know Ableton with a view to doing a club seiji mashup set, but i want to be tight before i try it! To be honest, right now im enjoying ‘traditional’ djing, and im happy checking out everyone else live sets to see whats working and whats not… its an interesting time for all that stuff.

What producers/djs are you digging right now?

So many to mention! Mr Ho, Photomachine, Greenmoney, the new Paris crews,Canblaster, French Fries and co are killing it on the dancefloor….soulful broken/dubstep/garage/bass from artists like Dark Sky, Arkist, Compound One, Optimum, Raffertie, Shortstuff, Mizz Beats, Aleks Zen… Great house from Lone, Kink, Mr Ho, and I’m starting to get back into the fresh dnb experiments from instra:mental and the like.

We try to focus on sights as well as sounds on BTG. Do you have any visual artists you are feeling at the moment?

I’m a big fan of my mate Robi Walters, Ive just caught up with him recently and really loving his new work.

What do you have in store for 2011?

Seiji4 and 5, a mini album, remixes, and the start of some new projects, gonna start looking at that electronic band kind of thing! Not forgetting the website goodies of course.

[Seiji is headlining our next party at The Alibi on Feb 4th. Details here.]

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