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Think Act Vote Think Act Vote

Do you find yourself getting frustrated when thinking about politics? Are you even interested in it? How positive are you about the future?

I’m sure these are all questions many young people have pondered over in some form or another. The normal reaction, myself included, being a moment’s thought pattern followed by a huge wave of indifference. Why is this? These questions seem fairly important don’t they? Well Think Act Vote is attempting to bring these questions back into people’s mind in a positive way.

Think Act Vote was started because of a frustration about the negative view of politics held by so many people in the UK today, and an ambition to do something about it – to create a community around our relationship with the political system and the choices we make for our future. The campaign was built to inspire us to think more positively about our future and the votes we cast, today, tomorrow and forever. Elections are about making choices for the future.

Think Act Vote is creating an iconic book which will come out towards the end of this year. It is about using creative energy, fusing Design, Fashion, Photography, Art, Poetry, and Sustainability. Anyone can contribute. Why not start by answering the simple question – What’s The Future That You Choose?

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