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Beautiful furniture doesn’t have to cost the earth. That’s the ethos behind MADE, and I like it. The MADE website connects buyers direct with furniture designers, cutting out the middleman which results in a 50-80% saving on products. I’ve just purchase the above Bubble Table Lamp, this would usually retail at £75, its on MADE for £24.

There is a slight downside, or maybe not, I guess it depends on how you view it – I view it as not. All the products are made to order, which means I’m looking at a turnaround time of this lamp of 10-14 weeks. But when you consider the fact each part is carefully selected, hand crafted and assembled with super quality craftsmanship its well worth the wait.

There’s a whole lot more going on with MADE then I’ve talked about, like voting for which products you want in their collection. I highly recommend you go check out the site in full.

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