Where Three Dreams Cross

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Where Three Dreams Cross Where Three Dreams Cross

Where Three Dreams Cross Where Three Dreams Cross

I’ve become a bit tired of late with the Indian art shows hosted in London – the recent exhibition at the V&A included. They tend to focus on the same things: a turbulent political history, the riches of Maharajan kings or sometimes the quirkiness of Hindu gods.

This display of photography at the Whitechapel Art gallery did away with all that, providing a real insight into the last 150 years of the Indian subcontinent – including Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Many of the photographs can be admired independently as well as part of the exhibition as a whole. It’s worth checking out, whether you like India or photography in general, and I have no doubt that it will be more comprehensive than ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Indian artists exhibition over at the Saatchi gallery.

150 years of photography from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh runs at the Whitechapel Gallery until 11 April.

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