BTG 007 – 25th September

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BTG 007   25th September BTG 007   25th September

Disclaimer: If you don’t come to this party, I’ll be extremely offended.

Now that I’ve got that out the way, our special guest this month is one of my favourite djs in this city. He’s got a blog that also functions as the home for his great label, add it to your rss feed! PROPER BEN is a Proper Don. Ask him about Steely Dan or, more generally, Blue Eyed Soul. He’ll talk his head off.

Otherwise we’ve got the same old cats playing the same new shit. THE FAT CONTROLLER will probably only play boogie funk from 1981-1985. TOOT SWEET will probably only play bootlegs from 2002-2009. SATIVO will definitely play too much house music, so he might try and stay away from the 1s and 2s for as long as possible.

Come early, get crunk, dance dance dance, get crunker, throw some shapes and laugh the recession away with us.

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