Faux Pas – Emotions Mixtape

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Faux Pas – Emotions Mixtape Faux Pas – Emotions Mixtape

I passed upon this mix from Melbourne’s Faux Pas (Tim Shiel) whilst on one of my many visits to ISO50 and thought it’d go down well here. Indecently if you haven’t ever checked out ISO50 do so, it’s the design/music blog run by artist/musician Scott Hansen… its ridiculously good.


Arp – St. Tropez
Elegi – Despotiets Vesen
Dam-Funk – Galactic Fun
Ka So Re – Shoes (Eero Johannes remix)
Jason Forrest – Evil Doesn’t Exist Anymore
Aoi – Floral Foam
Megastick Fanfare – June Stranglets (Seekae remix)
The Avalanches – Since I Left You (Cornelius remix)
Charles Spearin – Mrs Morris
Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Joker & Ginz remix)
Hudson Mohawke – Overnight
Daedelus – Lights Out
Chuncha Via Circuito – Prima
Jean Michel Jarre – Zoolook
Kraftwerk – Tour de France
Mount Kimbie – Vertical
Eero Johannes – Finnrexin
Rustie – Tempered
Qua – Ritmo Giallo
Gershon Kingsley – Popcorn
Moonbeam – Slow Heart
Oh Astro – Candy Sun Smiles
Electronic – Getting Away With It
Jackson – Teen Beat Ocean
Isolee – Enrico
The Soft Pink Truth – Promofunk
Bogdan Irkuk – Space Reflecting On The Bosphorous

Emotions mixtape cover artwork by Alex Cornell you can grab the download by hitting the link below.

Download: Faux Pas – Emotions Mixtape (link to ISO50)

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